North Lantau Hospital
Hong Kong Infection
Control Centre (NLTH HKICC)

IoT Smart Solution

For Construction Site

Visible and Creditable

Real-time and location-based data captured for effective tracking and management.

Streamline Your Workflow

Integrating all project stakeholders within one platform with the accessibility available from on to offsite.

Automated the Property Management Process

Streamlining routine tasks, including daily inspection of facilities & cleaning, monitoring of maintenance works, real-time alert of the facilities operation status, like water pumps.


Worker, Machine, Resources, Safety, Quality Central digitized workflows make site management efforts massively streamlined


Data Collecting Years without battery changing & charging

Project Delay Reduced by 30%

Save Documentation Workload Ability to create well-informed progress reports in just a few clicks


Productivity & Performance Analysis Secured and creditable records provide insights to performance and situations

Up-to-the Moment Status

Real Time Progress Management Centralized storages always offer real-time data accessible anywhere

Featured Case Study:

North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre (NLTH HKICC)
Workers managed: 10,000
Time spent: 4 months
Time Reduced in production: 92%