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29 JUN 2021 2021

Infotronic Technology Limited congratulates China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited on receiving the “Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business Awards 2021 – Asia’s Most Outstanding Contractors of the Year” presented by the CorpHub.

With the outstanding performance in corporate management and administration, financial performance and market competitiveness, product innovation and creativity, corporate social responsibility etc., CSHK marked a significant milestone for the construction industry of Hong Kong.

Digital transformation is essential for the development and management of the construction sector today. CSHK has been building the strong foundation of applying AI applications and Internet of Things (IoT) with “Smart Construction Integrated Management System” in the construction projects. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to participate in the projects with our ATTEND system, collecting real-time data of construction site to cloud-based server, for effective workforce management and allocations.

By transferring on-site construction processes to a controlled factory environment, platforms were also built to monitor the process of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) and collect the real-time data and status of all plant and equipment on-site. The comprehensive platforms lead construction industry for a better growth in the future to improve efficiency, productivity and safety.